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You are going to be 30 anyway, you might as well be a doctor - @Makingsofabw

It has been a while since I posted another quote post. This one is about a wholesome story about a woman and her daughter that I like to bring up when it comes to explaining my strict lifestyle.

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Date 2020-07-14

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Introduction to self-management with Smos: the next-action report

This is the first post about using Smos for self-management in practice. It explains how to get started with Smos by learning to use the next-action report.

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Date 2020-07-07

Announcing yamlparse-applicative, a self-documenting Yaml parsing library

This post announces and showcases yamlparse-applicative.

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Self-management: Clarify and Process

This is the next post in a series on self-management. It introduces the clarifying workflow and Smos as a processing tool.

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Date 2020-06-21

A language-agnostic introduction to property-based testing

This article was my second commissioned article, for Human Readable. Head over there to read it for free during the quarantine:

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