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The polyball prank

Last year I attended the 2018 polyball at ETH. Its domain gave me an idea.

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Announcing mergeful, part 1: Cooperative agreement on a single value.

This post announces the new mergeful library. The mergeful library builds on ideas from the mergeless library which was published last year. In this part one, we describe how mergeful can help a server and its clients agree on a single value with safe merge conflicts.

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CS Syd is participating in Hacktoberfest this year. Look here to find some issues to get started with.

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How to put your /nix directory on a separate device

In this Tutorial, we explain why and how to put your /nix directory on a separate drive than the one where / is located. This might seem simple to some, but there are some caveats and there is no abundance of clear guides on using nix.

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Date 2019-09-14

Millismos: Writing a simple forest-editor with brick.

With the new cursor as defined in the previous poss about forest cursors we can take the next step towards making a Purely Functional Semantic Forests Editor like Smos. In this post we will write a simple purely functional forest editor using brick, building on the previous simple tree editor: microsmos.

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