2018; Year in review

Date 2018-12-28

2018 has been exciting, unusual and interesting.


2018 was the best year of my life so far, continuing the tradition since 2012.


The year 2018 was a great year for my health. I finally started taking fitness seriously, and gained about fifteen pounds while lowering my bodyfat percentage. I finalised my quitting list, for now. More about that soon. I did not get sick even once, and I planned my cheat day for March 12th 2019.


This year was a great year for my public speaking, too. I spoke on three continents in front of a total of about a thousand people, and I finally got some nice videos up on youtube. I also set up a page for my speaking in case you are interested in having me as a speaker.



The combination of my interest in public speaking and my self-employment allowed me to travel a lot this year. In Sydney, I partied at Bondi beach and took a ferry ride through the Vivid ligh festival.


I saw sunrise over the ocean at the gold coast.

Gold Coast

I visited the houses of parliament and the national arboretum in Camberra.


I drove through Lombard street in San Francisco.

Lombard Street

In Spain, I hiked through El Caminito del Rei.

El Caminito del Rei

In the UK I visited the Bloomberg office and found an amazing view:


Plenty more has happened, in plenty more countries, but more importantly: I met some great people. If you are reading this, you know who you are.


I spent a lot of time putting together my personal productivity suite this year.

I built Intray. Intray is a GTD capture tool. It syncs with your local device and there is a web interface as well. The android and ios apps are still underway.


Tickler is a GTD tickler system. It can tickle you via intray or via email.


Smos is a purely functional semantic forest editor for GTD intended to replace Emacs' Org mode. This year I started a series of blogposts to encourage contributions to Smos and to show off the cursors that I made.


Focus for 2019

Now that my productivity suite is useable, I plan to focus on building some form of automated income in the coming year. This will involve a lot of skills I have yet to build: Marketing, Product design, Front-end and UX, etc.. It will remain important to keep my health in order and keep up with public speaking. Consistency will be key.

Cursors, Part 3: The Nonempty List Cursor

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Picosmos: Writing a simple single-line text-editor with brick.