Thank you for your interest in having me as a speaker!

I love to speak, and I put a lot of effort into ensuring that audiences are engaged, entertained, motivated and informed.

Please feel free to ask me to speak at your event, although I apologize in advance if I am unable to. I have a heavy travel and speaking schedule, so I cannot accomodate all requests to speak.

On this page, you'll find:

  • Languages, Topics, titles, abstracts and videos
  • Headshots
  • Dietary restrictions and preferences
  • Commonly-needed info
  • Overview of talks

Languages, Topics, titles, abstracts and videos

I always tailor and modify every talk I give to the audience, so you're not at all picking a canned talk from this list.

Please tell me the make-up and motives of your audience, so I can craft a presentation that will work well with their knowledge level and their interests.

Ik spreek ook graag in mijn moedertaal: het Nederlands.

In computer science, I speak most frequently on the following topics:

To a non-technical audience, I speak most frequently on

  • A technical topic, explained simply
  • Ethical design, and how you can recognise dark patterns


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Dietary restrictions and Preferences

If you're inviting me to a meal as part of my attendance, I'm always happy to join if possible!

I have certain strict dietary preferences, but they are not public information. please contact me about them before arranging any meals.

Commonly-needed info

  • Date of Birth: 1994-07-25
  • Full name: Tom Sydney J. Kerckhove
  • Seating preference: Window


Category Title Audience
Popular Ethical Design of User Interfaces non-technical users of technology.
Research Signature Inference for Functional Property Discovery Haskell Programmers and/or Researchers in Safety or Testing.
Technical Validity and Validity-based testing Haskell Programmers and/or Programmers that are interested in cheaper safety.
Technical Testing for beginners Beginner Haskell Programmers.
Technical Safe Software in Industry Computer Science Students.
Technical Property Testing Professional Programmers.
Technical Practical Property testing in Haskell Beginner Haskell Programmers.
Technical Introduction to Property Testing Professional Programmers.
Technical Declarative Infrastructure DevOps Engineers.