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Haskell Templates

Latest Blogpost

Haskell Templates Launch

After experimenting with Haskell templates for a few weeks, I am excited to officially launch my Haskell Templates.

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Date 2020-11-07

Recent Blogposts

Haskell Templates: First two templates available

Earlier this month, I wrote a post about validating the idea of selling Haskell templates. In the time since then, I have made and sold multiple copies of the first template at

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Date 2020-10-23

Haskell Templates

I have had the idea of selling Haskell templates for a while now, and I am now getting around to validating this idea. I have also been trying to learn more about indie-hacking so here goes my first proper attempt.

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Date 2020-10-08

Hacktoberfest 2020

Hacktoberfest is happening again in 2020 and CS Syd will be participating again.

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Talk: Practical property testing

I gave a talk about practical property testing at FP in the city 2020 online on 2020-09-10.

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