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Talk: An overview of property testing

I gave a 20-minute talk about property testing at F(by) 2020 in Minsk on 2020-01-25.

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Recent Blogposts

Pieces and tools of self-management

This is the second post in a series about self-management. It describes the pieces that are necessary in a good self-management workflow, and list tools to implement these pieces.

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Option parsing in Haskell, Part 2: A standard approach to settings in Haskell

I wrote the first part of this two-part series for FP Complete. It can be found on their website. That post describes how settings should be handled. This post will describe how to do that in Haskell in practice.

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Date 2020-05-14

Introduction to self-management

This is the first post in a series about self-managament. It describes the content that I have in mind and the motivation for self-management.

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Date 2020-05-07

Property testing in depth: genvalidity's fixed-size type generators

This post announces genvalidity- and recently released companion libraries. This post explores the changes to the generators of Int, Word, Float, Double, Natural and Integer.

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