Research as a build system with Shake

[ERT: 2m51s] In the last year, I have the opportunity to try out a new way to improve upon my own productivity doing research and other university-related projects. I call it the research build system, and it has allowed me to iterate on my work more quickly.


2018-04-28 - Intray

[ERT: 43s] I am happy to announce a new little tool called Intray.

2018-03-28 - How to get less email

[ERT: 2m52s] I have written about how to manage your email in a stress-free way. That blog post assumed that you get a lot of email and it treated the symptoms rather than the source of the problem. In this blog post I will share my favourite ways to get less email.

2018-02-28 - Tightening your feedback loop

[ERT: 2m21s] Programming usually does not happen by writing a program from start to finish, deploying it, and then never touching it again because it is done.

2018-01-28 - 2017; Year in review

[ERT: 1m10s] 2017 started off busy as usual. I had moved into a new appartment in Zürich with a friend. I was a full-time computer science student at ETH, Zürich. I had just set up a Legal entity that would allow me to do freelancing work on the side while studying.

2017-12-28 - Parsing command line arguments

[ERT: 4s] This month’s blog post was written for FPComplete. Head over to their blog for the full post.

2017-11-28 - Validity Talks with Patat

[ERT: 27s] I have the pleasure of speaking at the HaskellerZ meetup and at the Google office for an internal tech talk.

2017-10-28 - The madness of paths

[ERT: 5m35s] While working on super-user-spark, path and validity-path, I discovered what madness lies in working with paths. The following is an overview of some of the reasons why paths are difficult to deal with.

2017-09-28 - Property discovery at Haskell eXchange 2017

[ERT: 2m8s] I am very pleased to announce that I will be a speaker at 2017’s Haskell eXchange. I will be speaking about property discovery and my involvement in the progress on this topic.

2017-08-28 - The annoyance of twelve hour clocks

[ERT: 1m19s] Something about the way we speak about time has always bothered me. Specifically, using twelve hour clocks, AM and PM. First of all, the purpose of a system of measurement is to ease measurements and reporting. Twelve-hour time has failed that purpose.