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How I wrote a proof of concept in five hours and launched a first version in a week

I had an idea, made a proof of concept, and then built it out over a week. This is the story of how that happened.

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Make your phone less addicting by eliminating color

This post contains a quick tip to make your phone less addicting: remove the colour.

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Testing for beginners at Monadic Party

I am pleased to announce that I will be speaking about testing at Monadic Party.

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Nanosmos: Writing a simple text-editor with brick.

With the two new cursors as defined in the previous posts about nonempty cursors and text field cursors we can take the next step towards making a Purely Functional Semantic Forests Editor like Smos. In this post we will write a simple purely functional text editor using brick, building on the previous single-line text editor: picosmos.

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"Everything in moderation" is nonsense

Because of my focus on health last year, I have heard one particular phrase a lot. It is a phrase that I have to respond to before writing any more about my quitting list. The phrase in question is "Everything in moderation". I have a lot of time to think about it, and the conclusion is that this phrase is just nonsense.

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Date 2019-03-14