Parsing command line arguments

[ERT: 4s] This month’s blog post was written for FPComplete. Head over to their blog for the full post.


November 28 2017 - Validity Talks with Patat

[ERT: 27s] I have the pleasure of speaking at the HaskellerZ meetup and at the Google office for an internal tech talk.

October 28 2017 - The madness of paths

[ERT: 5m35s] While working on super-user-spark, path and validity-path, I discovered what madness lies in working with paths. The following is an overview of some of the reasons why paths are difficult to deal with.

September 28 2017 - Property discovery at Haskell eXchange 2017

[ERT: 2m8s] I am very pleased to announce that I will be a speaker at 2017’s Haskell eXchange. I will be speaking about property discovery and my involvement in the progress on this topic.

August 28 2017 - The annoyance of twelve hour clocks

[ERT: 1m19s] Something about the way we speak about time has always bothered me. Specifically, using twelve hour clocks, AM and PM. First of all, the purpose of a system of measurement is to ease measurements and reporting. Twelve-hour time has failed that purpose.

August 28 2016 - Poop deprecation and shitty code

[ERT: 1m54s] Someone recently suggested a way to make the barrier to using deprecated code even higher. He was kidding, but I looked into how to make it work. Here is the result.

August 21 2016 - Safer paths, part 2 - Stop, Reconsider, Contribute

[ERT: 1m8s] Last week I published a paths library. I showed it to the Haskell subreddit and learned from their reaction.

August 14 2016 - Safer paths, part 1 - valid and typed paths

[ERT: 2m39s] Filepaths have been a pain in my neck for years. Paths are hard, overused, misused and mostly unsafe. In this post I present a newly released library that serves to make working with paths safer in the common use-case.

August 07 2016 - I have not reached the burrito point yet. - Xavier Goás Aguililla

July 31 2016 - Adding documentation to the GHC API

[ERT: 2m4s] Not very long ago, I tried to use the GHC API to do some static analysis. It turned out to be a lot more complicated than I expected. Now I was going to fix some of that.