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Announcing `safe-coloured-text`

This post announces the new safe-coloured-text library. The prompt to make this library was that the maintainer of the rainbow package didn't want to get rid of the lens dependency to decrease its dependency footprint.

I learnt a lot while writing this library, and it has produced some of the prettiest output that I have ever seen in my terminal. It turns out that most "coloured text" libraries have quite nasty failure modes like environment-dependent crashes, so I made sure to make the library safe, wherever possible.

Once I had gotten started, I figured I would implement things the way I like them.

Date 2021-03-07

Recent Blogposts

Haskell Templates: First two templates available

Earlier this month, I wrote a post about validating the idea of selling Haskell templates. In the time since then, I have made and sold multiple copies of the first template at

Date 2020-10-23