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Smos: Writing a Purely Functional Semantic Editor

This is the first post in a long series of posts documenting the process of developing Smos. Smos is a purely functional semantic editor of a subset of YAML that is intended to replace Emacs' Org-mode for Getting Things Done.

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Job Ad: Part-time Remote Virtual Assistant

Help Wanted: Part-time Remote Virtual Assistant

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Announcing `exchangerates`

This post announces the new exchangerates library. It allows you to fetch exchange rates from the website. Formerly

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Announcing genvalidity-hspec-optics

This post announces the new genvalidity-hspec-optics test-suite combinator library. It is a new companion package for genvalidity-hspec and contains test-suite combinators for testing optics.

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The new /speaking page of my website is finally up. Have a lookt at the 'Speaking' page on this site!

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