Tom Sydney Kerckhove Self-management

Personal coaching to organise
a stress-free life

Imagine what you can achieve without stress.

decreased stress

Remove stress

There are a lot of things in life stress you out. There are even more things in life that you are not even aware of that are stressing you out. Syd invites you to talk about your current system, or lack thereof. Together you will learn to use a new system — tailored to you — that will reorganize your life, one that you can 100% rely on for the rest of your life.

Get more work done

It sounds like bullshit propaganda, because you can’t yet imagine a life without the stresses that you are not even aware of. However, try to imagine a life system that you can rely on: to get things done, to get all of your things done, in time, and better than before, without procrastination.

increased productivity
honour commitments

Honour your commitments

You decide you want to do something — in the broadest sense — and you get it done. It really is that simple. Bye bye procrastination, bye bye lost dreams.

Feelin' good

Imagine how you feel when you do not suffer from procrastination, when you get your work done more efficiently — even more than thought possible, when you can rely on a system that assures you to get things done so you can focus on what’s more important in life.

feeling proud
You decide you want to reorganise your life

17 July 2024

You have an introduction call with Syd and get a tailored programme made.

24 July 2024, in 1 week

You set up a basic self-management system, learn about capturing and start using an exocortex.

First benefits of reduced stress

31 July 2024, in 2 weeks

You set up a weekly review system to keep your exocortex current.

7 August 2024, in 3 weeks

You learn about work filtering using situational filters.

You no longer forget commitments

14 August 2024, in 4 weeks

You learn about contextual work.

11 September 2024, in 8 weeks

The training completes.

You are set for life.

No stress, more productive, happier

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