We have a plethora of communication media at our disposal. This makes it difficult to agree on protocols. Here is mine.

I purposely don’t have an account on most social network sites. There is only one way to reach me reliably and that is email.

Before you do contact me, there are some things you need to know:

It is important to note that this concerns communcation addressed to me. I will enforce certain standards on those communications. Feel free to make up your own for yours. Here are my standards:

  • If you expect me to address you formally, you will address me formally.
  • If I don’t know you, we are not on a first name basis.
  • 80 Collumns per line
  • If I’m not the only one that the email is adressed to, I will regard it as though I was in CC.
  • If you mention a time of day, use 24h time.
  • If you mention timestamps, always include the timezone.
  • If you put me in CC, I will not respond to the email. I will only read it.
  • One sentence per line.
  • Only one subject per email.
  • Plaintext, not HTML-only.
  • Reply inline.
  • I will read an email within five working days.

Even though I have these standards, I am not usually unpleasant. Feel free to contact me if sincere. I won’t bite.

Here is the address: