The quitting list

Date 2019-01-28

2018 was as interesting year. I focused on my physical and mental health. This year I will start sharing what I learnt by sharing what I call my 'quitting list'.

This story starts in 2017. I had no idea what being healthy meant but I finally had a bit more time to try and figure it out. It turns out that being healthy is complicated, and I still do not know much about it, but I like to think that I have started moving in the right direction.

There are many things that one could do to start living a more healthy life. I chose to focus on quitting unhealthy habits first.

I noticed that I would eat chocolate in very large amounts. I could never eat just a little bit of chocolate. It was either none at all, or a lot, and I could not trust myself with sweets in the house either. I knew that I did not want to want to eat so much chocolate, but I did want to. That is where I started. Not knowing what healthy means, I started by quitting the things that I did not want to want.

Over time I figured out that there were many such things. I started writing down the day after the last time I had any chocolate. The first day I was clean, if you will. I did this for everything I was quitting, and I would refresh the date if I relapsed. This list grew slowly but surely. As the date on the list would seem longer ago, I would be less likely to relapse. Having been chocolate-free for longer only ever made me want to relapse even less.

After chocolate, I added many more bad habits to the list, starting with alcohol. I call this list my quitting list. I also added some items that I would never want to want to use, just to be sure that I would never start either.

In 2019, I plan to write about my quitting list and the specific items on it. As a short overview, here is the current (summarised) list:

  • Tabacco

  • Weed

  • Alcohol

  • Sweets, Chocolate

  • Facebook, Instagram, twitter, social media in general

  • Coffee

  • Meat

  • Porn

  • Sugar in processed foods, including soda.

  • TV shows

  • Animal products

  • Gaming alone, including mobile gaming

  • Movies alone

  • Youtube alone

  • All processed foods, including fruit juices

  • Masturbation

I will probably not write about things I never quit because I never started, like tabacco and Weed, because all I can really say about them is "They seem like a bad idea".

The next post in this series will be about moderation, and why it does not work for me.

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