The magic of getting up early

People usually hate waking up early. Most people get up just in time for their work and certainly don't enjoy the morning. I wake up around 03:00 as much as I can and I want to show you why. I find that there is a magic in the early morning that I can't describe, only encourage you to experience.

Some people are cranky when they first get up in the morning. This post is not for them. This post is for people who feel that they are the most focused right after they wake up. Although you may think you will never feel focused in the morning, don't be too quick to judge yourself on this. Most people are just not used to getting up early, and only have bad memories of it. I am confident that most people would enjoy waking up earlier, if only they tried it.

The beauty

When you get up before 05:00, you get to see the magnificent sunrise. This time of day presents the perfect opportunity to take a relaxing walk and a breath of fresh air.

A beautiful urban sunrise

Granted, sunrise looks almost the same as sunset, but there are some differences in the atmosphere. In the morning, you can sometimes see a mist, just above the ground. Other than the occasional person just getting home from a party, there is no one to be found outside in the morning. It's as if you get to be the first person to explore the world today.

The silence

Between 03:00 and 06:00, almost no one is awake. The complete silence is calming. You can hear yourself think and feel your heart beat.

This is the perfect time to meditate. It is the perfect time to think about your future and your goals. It is also the perfect time to plan and to focus. If ever you need to steal a few hours of time for anything, this is the time to do it.

The efficiency

Everybody has only 24 hours in a day, from the richest CEO to the poorest slum dog. What matters is how you spend those 24 hours. Most people get up at around 7 or 8 in the morning (or even later). This means that if you get up at 03:00, your morning is four to five hours longer. These four to five hours, that you would otherwise spend unproductively in the evening, you will now get to spend productively before sunrise. Imagine what you could do, what kind of progress you could make, if you had more time.

Getting started

If you want to try out getting up earlier than you're used to, here are some things to note. (I don't necessarily mean getting up at 03:00, just earlier than just in time to get to work.)

  • Make sure you know why you're getting up early.

    Often when people try to get up early without a purpose, they end up just going back to bed after five minutes. It's not easy to convince yourself to get out of bed, even when you do have a purpose. Your mind will specifically think of legitimate reasons just to stay in bed. If you're still half asleep, you're even more likely to give in to yourself.

  • Make sure you know what to do.

    Even if it's just "get ready for work without rushing", "clean the floor" or any other simple task.
    You need to know what you want to get done in the morning. Ideally, you schedule a few things that are best done in the morning, rather than something that can be done at any time. I, for example, find it engaging to imagine the day in while taking a walk.

  • Document your experience.

    Even if it's been a horrible first experience, write it down on a piece of paper. This information will become valuable if you ever want to try it again. You will know why you didn't like the experience and whether you want to try it again differently.

    If the experience was as wonderful, as I hope it will be, also be sure to write that down. This way, if the next time you are contemplating trying it again, you will be motivated by that little piece of paper.

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