Date 2018-08-14

The new /speaking page of my website is finally up. Have a lookt at the 'Speaking' page on this site!

I love to speak. I enjoy standing in front of a big audience at a conference, event, university, hackathon, ... and talk about the fantastically interesting work we have been up to lately.

Getting there is not as uncomplicated as it looks, however. We need to send around a lot of applications, emails, pings, second pings, third pings and continue to append to my CV of failures.

This 'Speaking' page is intended to help with that. Now I will be able to refer people to that page for some of the commonly-needed information. On the page you will also find a list of talk templates, so that interested parties can already have a look at what I like to speak about.

As an example, Signature Inference for Functional Property Discovery is one of my most common talks.

If you are interested in having me speak at your event, be sure to take a look Here.

Announcing genvalidity-hspec-optics

I am available for speaking engagements:

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Merge-free synchronisation with mergeless