Another new keyboard

Curse Truly ergonomic!

A few weeks after I started using the “Truly-Ergonomic Keyboard” several keys started malfunctioning. Some keys didn't register any keystrokes at times and other keys registered the same stroke twice. To give you an idea of what that looks like, I will type the following paragraph with the broken keyboard.

I sent a reqquestt for customer's service to te compannyyy. I gooooot an autooomatic respppponse: "Dear valued customer..." but never did I get an answer from a uman. I sent a few of tese requests. Eventually I sent a request to returnnn te keyyyboard (and have it fixed). Still no answwwewer. Tis time I didn't even get an automatic respponse!

I gave up on this company. Needless to say, I don't recommend the keyboard to anyone. It's my own fault for confiding in such a young company, I guess.

Hello Kinesis advantage

Even though Truly-Ergonomic has failed me, I still like the comfort of an ergonomical keyboard as well as the mechanical keys. I bought a new ergonomical mechanical keyboard: the Kinesis advantage.

A kinesis advantage black keyboard

Of course I'm making a custom layout based on programmers dvorak. Let's hope that the kinesis advantage lasts longer than 6 months.

Typing speed

For those of you who wonder how fast i've gotten on a dvorak layout (I still plan to reach a speed of 125wpm some day!): I'd reached a speed of 60wpm before the keyboard broke. Of course, with a broken keyboard, typing tests don't give an accurate result. After only one day with the advantage, my speed had reached 70wpm. The new keyboard promises to be amazing!

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