To-not-do list

This list is the dual of a conventional to-do list. It is a list of things that I have committed to not doing.

  • Watch Television
  • Watch Television Series
  • Be worldly
  • Know a lot about music
  • Read fiction
  • Play computer games
  • Building electrical circuits
  • Solve Rosalind problems
  • Solve Project Euler problems
  • Play Over the wire wargames
  • Create tiny appliances controlled by an Arduino micro controller
  • Learn Clojure
  • Learn Erlang
  • Play coding games
  • Enter programming competitions
  • Configure, compile and use a custom linux kernel
  • Create an operating system
  • Create a filesystem
  • Take the Eudyptula Challenge
  • Take the crypto challenges
  • Write a connect-4 solver
  • Game development
  • Automate personal accounting
  • Watch Romantic Comedy
  • Engage in mental masturbation
  • Watch Youtube
  • Watch movies by myself
  • Watch pornography

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