Bounty hunting

A bounty consists of a piece of work that I would like to see done. A bounty can be claimed so that no one else will start working on it in the meantime. When you complete the work, you earn the bounty. If you would like to become a bounty hunter, please contact me to go over the details.

Hunting is open to anyone who would like to practice (Haskell) programming. Bounty hunters will be mentored and their work reviewed. This is your chance to make money while learning Haskell.


Most of the work is open-source and it is mostly Haskell programming. There is work suitable for a variety of experience with Haskell. There is work on different topics as well:

  • Command-line tools
  • Front-end (Reflex, GHCJS)
  • Back-end
  • Web

Open bounties


  • Output serialisations

Zifter is built on the idea that you should be able to parallelise validation of a repository, but still get the output as if the validation was done sequentially. There is an under-approximation of this idea, but now I want it done properly.

  • Fix the hindent version on a per-commit basis

Hindent changes a lot, and on a per-project basis, the user should be able to stick to a specific hindent version.


  • Validity path corrections and speeding up the generators.

validity-path is not in the path repository and has diverged. It needs to be fixed and the generators need to be upgraded because they are terribly slow. Benchmarks would be in order.


  • Get the project ready for public use. This involves: a zift script, a travis setup using that zift script and fixing the dependency bounds.

Other bounties

There are some other bounties available on projets that are not yet open-source:

Claimed bounties

Super User Spark

  • [2017-12-15] SUS: bug: non-injective homotopy warning
  • [2017-12-15] SUS: bug: deployment is possible, even though it is not.


  • [2017-11-27] Org-mode to smos converter

Smos is intended as a replacement for org-mode, and it is not compatible with the org mode format. It would be nice if one could just convert their org mode documents instead of starting over with smos. We do not need a converter in the other direction.


  • [2017-12-08] Automatic alias suggestions

Hastory already collects a lot of information. The next step is to be able to suggest new shell aliases that may be useful to the user. Ideally there should be a way to quantify how useful it would be. This should not only work within the single command boundary, but also across multiple commands.

  • [2017-12-08] Bug: working directory is gathered after commands are run

The ‘current working directory’ is gathered after a command is run, instead of before, which means that it is wrong in the case of cd.

Completed bounties

  • Intray: authentication
  • Workflow: next actions
  • Validity: genvalidity-hspec-hashable